RTA introduces new generation of self-service machines

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently launched a new generation of self-service machines characterised by an array of smart features that enable customers to make payments for transactions fees in cash, or through a wide range of debit and credit cards. The move epitomises RTA’s first, third and seventh strategic goals: Smart Dubai, People's Happiness, and RTA Excellence, respectively.

"20 new generation self-service machines have recently been launched, in a project that aims to facilitate transactions processing, and realize RTA's objective of enhancing the partnership between the public and private sectors,” said Ahmed Mahboub, Executive Director of Customers Service, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA.

“The project echoes RTA’s first strategic goal (Smart Dubai), the third goal (People's Happiness) and the seventh goal (RTA Excellence), thus coaxing a quantum leap in delivering services at world-class standards. The machines have been deployed at RTA’s Headquarters, and affiliated customers happiness centers, where customers can now complete their transactions and make payments in cash, through bank accounts or credit cards issued by a number of banks,” added Mahboub.

“The new generation of self-service machines have several technical features as it supports four languages: Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam, thus enabling customers to select the language of their preference to process their transactions.  The machines are connected to both the contracting company and the RTA, which enable the tracking of transactions to identify the most popular services and customer needs,” noted Mahboub.

“A scanner is also available to enable customers to send a copy of the required documents to the service center to complete transactions, if necessary. The self-service machines are also fitted with an electronic signature feature and a channel for capturing submitted documents should a customer opt to process the transaction directly through the machine, such as the printing vehicle registration cards. An ID card reader and user fingerprint services are also available, in addition to services related to other government bodies. The services available are related to drivers licensing and vehicles licensing, as well as parking services, and To Whom It May Concern Certificates. These machines have advanced electronic security features, and enable customers to receive the receipts of their transactions and payment via e-mail,” continued Mahboub.

“A future plan is in place to deploy more self-service machines of this type, and increase such services in shopping centers and other areas in Dubai to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the public. The procedure stems from RTA's keenness to pursue the best ways to bring comfort to customers who are the backbone of RTA’s business, and fits well within our government drive,” added Mahboub.

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