RTA issues professional permits to heavy bus drivers

The Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has begun issuing professional permits to drivers of heavy buses.

The step aims to streamline this sector further as it plays a crucial role in passengers transport activities across the emirate.

"As part of its efforts to apply the Ministerial Resolution No. 776 of 2009, the RTA has recently embarked on issuing professional permit cards to heavy bus drivers in Dubai. Buses are classified as Heavy if they are fitted with 26 seats or more," said Abdullah Al Meer, Director of Drivers Affairs, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

"All bus drivers that fall under this category would sit for an awareness programme and undergo medical fitness tests at hospitals and medical centres approved by the RTA and the Dubai Health Authority before issuing them with professional driver permits," he explained.

Al Meer added that the purpose of such tests is to ensure that those drivers are fit to drive buses safely, to reduce crashes caused by the possible onset of some ailments or medical issues to drivers. Such conditions pose a risk to road users and warrants taking precautionary measures to step up the traffic safety level.