RTA launches hi-tech meters in luxury taxicabs

The Public Transport Agency at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced an advanced meter technology in high-end taxicabs (limousine) run by RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC).

 “The new technology is represented in the installation of smart telephone of Samsung Galaxy brand in our limos to function as meters through the Android Apps. The gadgets are linked to the Booking & Despatch Centre of the agency and furnish the system with all information relating to the journey,” said Adel Shakeri, Director of Transport Systems at RTA Public Transport Agency.

“The pilot technology is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East involving the use of a hi-tech system powered by dedicated software in the mobile phone that computes the fare of the trip and receives and handles customers’ booking requests from the Booking & Despatch Center.

“The program facilitates the linking of limos with the Booking & Despatch Centre; enabling the tracking of limo cabs and retrieving operational reports that offer operators information about its fleet vehicles, and pinpointing their positions in the map, besides generating reports of trips made by these vehicles.

“The program has the feature to address customer requests for limo cabs by contacting the Booking & Despatch Centre at Public Transport Agency. The launch of the program was timed with the debut of the VIP taxi service offered by the Dubai Taxi Corporation on a trial base on 20 limos,” said Shakri.
Dubai Taxi Corporation recently launched the VIP Taxi Service under the theme “New Dimension of Transport Luxury” to meet the objectives set for this sort of taxicabs in delivering luxurious service to high-end customers of the DTC at the airport and other vital facilities in the emirate.

The service differs from the ordinary taxi service as it features high levels of luxury and privacy. The service is accessible inside and outside the Dubai International Airport by request from the Booking & Despatch Centre of the Agency.


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