RTA makes field visits to boost Future Accelerators of transportation in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation and a host of concerned businesses, has recently visited several sites to assess the anticipated transportation challenges in Dubai.

The move is part of Dubai Future Accelerators aimed at envisaging the movement of transportation systems at these sites in future.
Ms. Laila Faridoon, Executive Director, Office of the Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors cum Chairperson of the Future Committee at RTA, said, “These field visits covered various transportation systems namely buses, metro and tram as well as several facilities in Dubai Marina, Downtown (Burj Khalifa), Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. Visitors reviewed the autonomous vehicle in a bid to identify the anticipated future challenges of transportation systems in Dubai, and mulled the possibility of drawing up creative strategic plans to address such challenges.

“These visits would continue for three months in a bid to develop a creative model for enlisting ideas that have the highest potentials of generating a continuous and sustained economic value for transportation in Dubai. The three companies selected in coordination with the Dubai Future Foundation were Hyperloop One; a pioneering firm in the field of rail transport and cutting-edge transit systems. The second company is MVMANT; a specialist in offering solutions via smart apps, and the third is NEXT; a company dedicated to the development of mini driverless buses as a future solution for the development of mass transportation systems,” explained Faridoon.

“In its capacity as an incubator of Dubai Future as far as the business of transportation is concerned, the RTA fully appreciates its role in achieving a quantum shift in the strategic investment of future accelerators of Dubai. The RTA envisages the staging of an open global lab for developing creative ideas to comprehend, interact and serve the futuristic trend set by the RTA. Challenges facing transportation networks worldwide can no longer be addressed by instant solutions, but need a vision spanning generations to come; which is what we are endeavouring to realize through the Dubai Future Accelerators. The RTA has developed an integrated strategic plan for performing its role in this field in a perfect style,” commented Faridoon.