RTA raises awareness to reduce risks of quad bikes at camping sites

The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, in co-operation with the Tourist Department of the General Headquarters of Dubai Police, carried out an extensive campaign to sensitise the owners of tourist camps on the importance of providing safety equipment when renting quad bikes.

The campaign signals RTA’s keenness to protect camps against the potential risks of riding quad bikes.

"The campaign, which was conducted in co-operation with the Tourist Police at the General Headquarters of Dubai Police, targeted 23 camps fitted with quad bike circuits. Directional leaflets were distributed stressing the gravity of ignoring to wear bike safety gear, and explaining the security and safety stipulations of riding. The leaflets also warned against flouting the safety conditions at bike circuits," said Mohammed Waleed Nabhan, Director of Monitoring and Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

"Dubai boasts of many recreational camps thanks to the attractive geographical sites conducive to practising quad bike riding. However, such temptations may turn into accidents. Therefore, we have launched this campaign to warn against ignoring the proper use of quad bikes.

"The awareness campaign was conducted at 23 recreational camps, particularly quad bike rental places where the activity is practised throughout the year at varying degrees, according to the seasons. According to police statistics, nine quad bike incidents were reported in 2016, which requires launching such campaigns periodically in coordination with the Tourist Police to ensure the safety of camps and curb the misuse of quad bikes," he added.