RTA runs health awareness campaign to boost bus driver efficiency

The RTA’s Public Transport Agency has organised a health awareness campaign for public bus drivers at Al Aweer Bus Depot, in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, Rashid Hospital, and Dubai Police General HQ.

The campaign is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to raise the health awareness of employees to enhance their safety and efficiency during their professional career. Eventually, the campaign will enhance the safety of road users and contribute to realising the vision of RTA "Safe and Smooth Transport for All" initiative.

"The campaign attracted a huge number of participating bus drivers. It included several educational and healthcare workshops conducted by Rashid Hospital, DHA and Dubai Police, in the presence of several directors and staff members of the RTA as well as external associates. The campaign aimed to educate the targeted group on health issues and their relations to the risks and consequences of traffic accidents," said the Director of Buses at the Public Transport Agency of RTA, Basil Ibrahim Saad.

"These activities are part of the existing partnership and cooperation between the RTA, DHA and the Dubai Police. RTA is always keen on broadening this partnership to cover vital areas, and accordingly enhance the achievement of objectives to make them a reality," said Saad.

At the conclusion of the campaign, the Director of Buses expressed gratitude to participants and urged them to continue organising more of these campaigns and engage as many bus drivers as possible. He noted that such campaigns would have a significant impact on consolidating public health and safety concepts in line with RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All.