RTA to re-open Dubai Marina intersections

Pic: Patrick Castillo

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it would re-open the left and U-turns at the intersections of Al Sufouh-Al Gharbi Streets at the Dubai Marina along the track of the Dubai Tram early September 2016.

The step follows the completion of a strategic plan aimed at achieving zero accident in this vital area, and ensuring that road users get accustomed to the existence and movement of the tram. It also comes after the successful reopening of left & U-turns at the intersection of Al Sayora-Al Sufouh Streets at the JBR last March as well as the reopening of turns at the intersections of Al Marsa-Al Sayora Streets, Al Marsa-Al Sufouh Streets, and Al Marsa-Al Sharta Streets last June 2016.
"We had set up a committee of RTA’s specialists headed by an international consultant to draw up a comprehensive plan to realise the Tram/Roads Safety Strategy. The plan encompasses organisational procedures encapsulated in 15 strategic recommendations integrated in a 5-Year Plan covering programs, procedures and initiatives undertaken in collaboration with strategic partners with the aim of achieving zero accidents level in the operation of the Dubai Tram by 2020. Under the plan, several preventive measures have been set to eliminate potential accidents between the Tram and vehicles due to turn at the intersection of Al Marsa-Al Gharbi Streets," said Engineer Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency.
"The team overseeing the plan has developed the Tram/Roads Strategy comprising numerous Quick Wins including the signing-off of more than 100 issues related to the safety of the tram and traffic movement as part of an Action Plan. Such a plan comprises several aspects relating to engineering matters, traffic movement, operation of light signals, awareness campaigns, training, traffic enforcement measures, and coordination of technical & administrative procedures with strategic partners," she noted.
"We have introduced a feature in the traffic light signaling system whereby all light signals will turn red once the tram approaches the junction. We have installed surveillance cameras to monitor vehicles jumping the red signals in coordination with the General Department of Traffic at the Dubai Police. We have also launched awareness campaigns in this regard and a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Dubai Police to ensure the safe use of these turns. The Dubai Tram boasts of sophisticated technologies to alert over-speeding tram drivers, and automatically reduce the speed in case of no response from the driver. There is a code of conduct applicable to tram drivers committing multiple offences posing risks to road users."
"Among the key factors that prompted the closure of those turns was to offer a chance for motorists to acquaint themselves with the movement of the tram in this area, and maintain the safety of tram riders as well as all road users. All road users are required to abide by traffic and driving rules, and pay attention to traffic signals to avoid serious accidents. RTA is revamping its plans & strategies for roads in the Emirate in keeping with the needs of road users under its vision of providing Safe and Sooth Transport for All," she said.

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