Sack your housemaid, UAE's got robot cleaners

For all those who’ve been complaining about their underperforming maids, good news is here. The latest in cleaning technology, a robot vacuum cleaner, claims to clean even those areas of the house where only toddlers can crawl, doesn’t put forward ridiculous demands and most importantly never talks back while doing its work at minimal noise levels.

Being advertised on one of the popular deal websites in the country, this robot cleaners mops, sweeps and even commands the dog to roll over. The makers of this little robot call it a tool that is capable of doing chores with a touch of sci-fi.

“It easily slips under almost all kinds of furniture - from carpet, hardwood, tiles and more. It also helps sanitise floors with its UV light, and remove odours through its fragrance compartment design,” the advert highlights.

But, will there be many takers of this little robot where many households have the luxury of having maids? “It’s a nice little cleaning equipment but not enough to do what the maids do and it’s just limited to cleaning the floors,” said a German national living in The Springs area.

“I thought the Japanese are working on some really high-tech robots but it’s still a long way to go. But yes, with technology life is becoming easier for those who can’t have maids. Dishwashers, washing machines, now this little robot, which moves on it’s own…is making life simpler,” added a working mother of two children in Dubai.

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