Safety with E24|7: 3 crucial stroke signs

When a person suffers a stroke, blood to the brain is blocked. The sooner the condition is detected, and treated, the faster the recovery and less likely that there’ll be any serious implications.

Health experts world over suggest the most efficient F-A-S-T diagnosis.

Face – Ask the person to smile. Check if one side of the face droops?

Arms – To raise both arms. Check if one is higher than the other, or if the person is finding it hard to hold one up.

Speech – To repeat a short, simple sentence. Are the words slurred? Is it hard to understand what they are saying?

Time – If any of the three checks are ‘yes’, then it’s time to call the medical experts or emergency helpline

Stroke, sometimes, develops gradually, but you could possibly see one or more of these warning signs. Weakness of face, arm or leg; confusion over what people are saying; trouble speaking or seeing with one or both eyes; trouble walking; dizziness and severe headache.

It’s important for you to understand that a stroke is a medical emergency. Every minute counts. So, decisions should be taken quickly. If you have any of the symptoms for more than a few minutes, call the emergency. Get an ambulance, because driving yourself might not be a good idea.

You must note down the time when the symptoms started, as the doctors need to know.

If it’s your friend or family member showing the symptoms, then rush them to the hospital even if you are not sure they are suffering a stroke. What’s the worst that could happen – an unnecessary trip to the hospital? That’s a small price to pay for someone’s health.

Health experts advise you to be always prepared.

AnchorNot many of us think we’ll suffer a stroke, but given its damaging implications, it’s important that we should think about it.

Planning and alertness goes a long way in making a big difference.

If you have a medical condition that could trigger a stroke, then keep your doctor in your area on speed dial. You may also find stroke care centers online, too.