Safety with E24|7: Your car summer-ready?

A daily check could go a long way in eliminating any major glitches. (Shutterstock)

Summer months are especially harsh on our four-wheelers. The recent reports of car-fire in the UAE is alarming, and drives home the point about how important it is to make your car summer-ready.

So, it’s not just enough to drive around your swanky car, you must also learn how to check if your car is fit to be on the road.

“The summer heat can be grueling for cars and their drivers so one should make sure they conduct simple and regular checks that will save time and money, and most importantly, guarantee road safety,” stresses Evelina Voynova, general manager administration, Bridgestone Middle East & Africa, in-charge of CSR & Tyre Safety related matters.

A daily check could go a long way in eliminating any major glitches.

“Every day, it’s important to scan the car for irregular wear such as cracks, bulges and foreign objects lodged in the tyres.”

That’s not all, Evelina insists “drivers should learn to perform an oil, battery and wiper check”.

Tyre-bursts are common, and that’s something motorists must be wary about. “Keep an eye on the tread depth indicator, make sure the inflation pressure is consistent in all tyres and check the tyre pressure every month.”

While tyre checks are crucial to determine its durability, it’s also important to look into these finer points.

“When checking the air pressure in tyres, ensure a proper tyre gauge is being used and only inflate when the tyre is cold. Inflation will result in an inaccurate reading if the tyre is still hot.

“It takes at least a couple of hours for tyres to cool down so it is best to check tyre pressure in the morning with the assistance of a vehicle tyre pressure chart. Typically, the instructions can be found in the driver’s door frame or in a car manual.

“Make sure the spare tyre is also inflated so that it is ready for use in case of an emergency.”

Keeping a fire extinguisher in the car is crucial, she adds.

“Due to extreme hot conditions, we recommend keeping a fire extinguisher in the car. In addition to learning how to change a tyre and doing oil and battery checks, one should also learn how to use a car extinguisher in case of an emergency.

“These days most of the cars have one either in the trunk or under one of the front seats.”

Car safety checklist


A monthly tyre pressure check

Check for irregular wear

Check the Tread Depth Indicator

Check the Wheel Alignment



Over inflate your tyres

Drive with damaged tyres

Overload your vehicle

Drive too fast

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