Sharjah expat survives fall from 3rd floor

Residents find short cuts to circumvent Municipality ban on drying clothes from balcony.

A Pakistani man survived a fall from the third floor window of his apartment in Al Nahda, Sharjah, while he was attempting to dry clothes on a pipeline between the kitchens of two apartments.

He was reportedly sitting on the window sill and laying the clothes out on the pipe, when he lost balance and slipped down.

“He tried to cling on to the pipe, but when it crashed, he plunged down and suffered injuries on his legs, arms and head,” said a source.

He was rushed to a hospital and luckily survived the plunge, the source added.

Several residents resort to such practice of hanging out clothes on pipelines, exposing themselves to danger to avoid fines by the municipality, said another source and added that residents are fined Dh 250, if caught drying clothes in balconies. The amount can go up to Dh500, if not paid on time.

Recently, municipality has upped its campaign and has been distributing brochures in Arabic, Hindi and English alerting residents about the rules of using balconies.




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