Sharjah motorists ask for review of car parking rule

Dubai has no such rule, clarify traffic authorities

Residents in Sharjah have appealed to the traffic authorities to review the rule that a parked car has to to face the pavement.

Meanwhile, Dubai traffic authorities clarified that no such rule has been implemented across the emirate of Dubai. "As long as the car is parked correctly - either facing the road or the pavement - it is okay," a spokesperson told Emirates 24|7.

Sharjah residents have asked for a public awareness drive before such rules are implemented.

Residents have also called for driving schools to be informed about new rules, which should be included as part of the instruction to students.

"We are one of the offenders as well. I paid Dh200 and got the clarification needed from the police. Least they could have warned us," a resident, Althaf, told Emirates 24|7.

He said his wife parked the car in Al Qassimiya area of Sharjah, close to Spark Residence.

"It was first time she parked like that. The car was parked facing the road. If it's parked facing the pavement, it [apparently] is not an offence. The fine was given in the morning hours.

"We received the fine on September 17, 2012 and paid it off Wednesday.

"We were told that this is wrong way to park," Althaf said.

He, however, commended the Sharjah traffic authorities for being "very patient and helpful".

He called on authorities to ensure that driving schools teach the students all types of driving offences that can draw a fine.

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said the Sharjah traffic authorities should also make sure that they launch a public awareness campaign before implementing any new rule.

However, some others praised the Sharjah traffic authorities saying it is only logical to have such a rule and motorists should use their common sense. "It is easier to park this way, than to block traffic while trying to back into a parking slot."

But others contended that to drive out into incoming trafic is better than than to reverse into it.

"With cars parked on either side, visibility is reduced adding to the rish of an accident. If you hit another car while reversing, it is your fault," said JK.


New parking offence in Sharjah... car must face the pavement

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