Sharjah Police raised over Dh11m from the sale of 150 distinguished car number plates

The proceeds from the first fully online auction, held by the Sharjah Police Headquarters, on Friday, in collaboration with Emirates Auction, the leading auction company in the Middle East, hit Dh11.015 million, from the sale of 150 two, three and four digit car number plates for bidders.

The car number plate 31 from the third category fetched the highest bid of Dh1.23 million, followed by car number plate 56, and car number plate 444, both from category 3, which fetched Dh1.035 million and Dh689.500, respectively.

The 55555 car number plate, category 3, was sold for Dh722.500. The highest bid for three digit number plate was Dh396,000 for car number plate 230.

Brigadier Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, General Commander of Sharjah Police, said: “The first e-auction for distinguished car number plates has made a great success. We are pleased with the response from citizens and residents, who were willing to own Sharjah license plate number, which is part of the national identity of the Emirate and the UAE. We thank Emirates Auction for their efforts in making our first ever e-auction a success”.

Abdullah Matar Al Mannai, CEO of Emirates Auction, was thrilled with the outstanding results of the auction.

“The auction attracted 537 bidders and 390,000 followers from inside the UAE and abroad. We aim to put a smile on the faces of people and make their dream of a special car number come true”.

The initiative was in line with the Sharjah Police’s strategy aimed at using modern technology to improve customer satisfaction levels and make the distinguished car number plates accessible to a wider audience of citizens and residents.

All bidders were eligible to enter the raffle and win a brand new luxury Bentley. The raffle draw will be held at the end of the promotional campaign, organized by Emirates Auction.

In June 2016, Sharjah Police conducted the first public auction for distinguished car plates.

Over 1340 bidders from different nationalities participated in the first auction, which drew over Dh45 million in total, from the sale of 60 car number plates.