Sharjah's 'Is it real policeman'? Tell the difference

13 cases recorded of offenders impersonating security personnels this year. (Supplied)

Sharjah Police launched a campaign titled ‘Is it real policeman’, aimed at educating workers in industrial areas about impersonalisation.

There were 13 cases recorded of offenders impersonating security personnels in 2014 and another 13 cases in the first quarter this year, said Colonel Omar Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Director of police stations, General Headquarters of Sharjah Police.

He added that most of these offenders were Asians and they confronted men in industrial areas. They posed as policemen, threatening victims with imprisonment and deportation before fleeing with their cash and valuables.

Colonel Abdullah urged public not to give in to the demands of such criminals. He explained that real policemen will never be violent in dealing with public or even with offenders.

Also, they will be in uniform and have their military card identifying themselves.

Col. Abdullah said police officers will only ask for identity cards and/or driver’s licence to check the identity of people.

They will never ask for money or check personal belongings, except in special cases. He asked public not to hand over their phone or money to impersonators.

The campaign follows a study by Lieutenant Misbah Rashid Yamahi, which recommended educating members of the community about the commitment of police and how not to be cheated by impersonators.

Col. Abdullah said there is an 8 per cent decrease in crime rate in Sharjah, and such awareness campaign will help reduce it further.

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