Sharjah tightens balcony rules after high-rise falls

Balcony railings must be 120cm high; safety locks made mandatory; municipality to conduct checks

In the wake of increasing number of high-rise falls, Sharjah Municipality has revised building regulations to enhance safety standards.

According to the new rule, all residential buildings in Sharjah - including old -  should have safety locks for windows and railings for balconies should be a minimum 120cm in height.

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Sultan Abdullah Al Mualla, Director-General, Sharjah Municipality, said the new rule aims to enhance security and protect children from fatal falls. Owners and contractors need to ensure high windows and increase balcony railings from the current minimum height of one metre, he stressed.

Similarly, resistance locks on windows whereby the doors do not open to more than 10cms is made mandatory. Municipality officials will conduct inspections in residential areas to ensure the rule is adhered to, said Al Mualla.

He urged parents not to have chairs near windows and use balcony space appropriately. Majority of residents use balconies as storage areas. That makes it easier for kids to climb over and tip-off over the railing, he said.


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