Sharjah to let prisoners meet wives in private

Sharjah authorities have decided to allow prisoners to meet their wives privately on the ground this will have positive effect on both the inmates and their families.

‘Al Khilwa Al Sharia’ (legal intimate meeting) will be enforced in a new central prison, which is about to be completed, said Colonel Aref Al Shareef, director of the punitive and rehabilitation institutions in Sharjah.

“The first phase of the new prison buildings will be completed before the end of this year.

“It will meet international human rights standards and will comprise rooms assigned for meetings between inmates and their wives as well as children’s entertainment centres,” he said, quoted by Emarat Al Youm daily.

“We have taken this decision after a study showed that such meetings will have positive effects on the prisoners and their families as they will maintain their cohesion.”

Shareef said the new prison would include separate buildings for male and female inmates, workshops, services centres, a juvenile prison, a mosque, a library, reading halls, a clinic and a pharmacy, restaurants and cafes.

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