Sirocco recall: Check your adaptor, extension cord at home to avoid electric shock

To avoid any electric shocks at home, Electra Abu Dhabi has urged residents to check their adaptor plug and extension cords at home.

In a product recall notice, the company has advised consumers to check if they have purchased an adaptor plug, Sirocco model number 930L or an extension cord, Sirocco model number W03S and to stop using the products immediately due to a possible product malfunction. The problem can cause the temperature of the internal wire or the terminals of socket to rise beyond the standard limits which could cause a short circuit and an electric shock.

“These faulty products have been sold across the country,” said an executive at the company. “One entire shipment contained the fault product but I don’t have the exact number of the products,” he added.

Doing away with faulty products is the first step in being safe from electric hazards but it’s advisable to take certain safety precautions.

Safety guidelines recommend using electrical outlet covers. This is very important when there are kids in the house. All low placed electrical outlets at home should be covered with electrical outlet covers.

Ensure that none of the electrical wires in the house are bare (without insulation).  When working with light fixtures, it is advisable to wear rubber gloves and slippers at all times and standing on a dry wooden or fiberglass ladder.

Before carrying out any repair work, however minor it may be, turn off the mains to the area where you will be working. Besides, any circuits with old wires should be properly inspected.

Lastly, getting an annual maintenance contract is advisable as professionals can check for any lurking dangers.

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