Snake in cat’s shadow in Sharjah

Picture used for illustrative purpose only. (SUPPLIED)

Sharjah’s tryst with wild animals took on another dimension on the first day of 2011.

A snake that ended up badly bruised after a fight with a cat was put to death by some Al Khan residents on New Year’s day.

Pramod VA, a Sharjah resident, said he found the snake in a miserable state, after it was attacked by a cat near his house, near Safeer Mall, on Saturday afternoon.

Residents then decided to put an end to its misery and crushed its head with a stone.

“It is most probably a pet that had escaped. It was already badly hurt,” said Pramod.

According to him the snake was about a metre long. “I was not able to find out what type of snake it was,” he added.

Recently, Abu Dhabi police arrested a passenger travelling from Indonesia with a bag full of snakes.

According to reports the bag contained four snakes apart from two parrots and a squirrel inside.

In December, residents of Sharjah were shocked to see a cheetah walking the streets.

The cheetah was seen swimming in Khalid Port before it jumped out of the water and onto the streets.

Police later caught the animal.


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