Social media con @ ‘prominent' names

Beware of suspicious messages on social media: Sharjah Police

Sharjah Police have warned citizens and residents to beware of suspicious messages on social media from unknown sources.

The police alert concerns the using of names of eminent personalities on fake accounts, in order to get money.
Sharjah Police called on members of the community not to add strangers to their personal social media accounts and not send money to unknown people with humanitarian stories.

The alert also called on residents not to respond to any calls from unknown numbers asking for financial aid or alms (zakat).

Sharjah Police cited cases were fraudsters pretended to be well-known figures claiming that they are out of state and in dire need of money, which will be refunded as soon as they return from abroad.

Sharjah Police urged the public to report such attempts, by contacting the General Headquarters of Sharjah Police at (toll-free) 800 151, or via SMS number @ 7999.

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