'Sorcerer' jailed for casting sex, money spell on Moroccan teacher

A Moroccan woman identified as NW claims she was a victim of sorcery where the alleged sorcerer controlled her, abused her sexually for over one year, had a child with her and emptied her bank account.

According to a report on the Al Jarima website, the young woman visited the alleged sorcerer on the insistence of her grandmother, who wanted her to change her life.

The woman’s family eventually rescued her for the clutches of the evil man.

A police case was filed, and after investigations the man was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

What makes the case even more bizarre is that NW was an educated woman, employed as a teacher of English in school in Oujda and then, Al-Dariouch city.

After not finding the right man to marry NW, on the recommendation of her grand-mother, visited a man who claimed to have magical powers.

He was meant to help her find a husband.

According to the complaint filed with the police, NW says the man drugged her, then had sex with her and cast a spell on her which left her helpless against his advances.

He sexually abused her over several months till she became pregnant.

He then made her move in with a friend of his to have the baby and she gave birth to a baby girl.

In the meantime, he had also emptied her bank account.

It was at this time that NW’s family noticed something was wrong and intervened to save her.

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