Spectacular drone footage of Dubai [video]

One of our readers who was visiting Dubai last month has sent in a breath-taking footage of the emirate, shot on their DJI Inspire1 DJI Phantom2 with Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition camera.

“Dubai is a wonderful city. I had a great time in Dubai last month,” Nero Chan wrote to us in an e-mail.

“Here is my drone footage taken from Dubai,” Chan said.

The aerial video provides a snapshot of some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. “This city is full of modern architectural marvels,” the video-blogger wrote on their Vimeo page.

“Dubai is an example of what human determination can achieve, and everything is possible. Not long ago, all locations you see in this aerial film were nothing more [than] a lifeless desert.

“The vision of Rulers of Dubai has turned it into a highly desirable city to live in. No other city in the world is as safe and as economically prospering as Dubai.”


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