Speed claims four in separate accidents in UAE

Speed and reckless driving killed three Emiratis, including an eight-year-old girl, and one Bangladeshi as bloodshed continued on the UAE roads despite stringent penalties and intensified police campaigns to curb accidents.

The Emirati girl was recklessly riding a motorcycle in Sharjah when she fell off and sustained serious injuries before she died.

“Her family tried to give her first aid and rescue her but she succumbed to her injuries and died,” the semi official daily Alittihad said.

It said the girl, identified as SM, had the accident in Badayer area, adding that police are investigating the case.

In the eastern oasis town of Al Ain, another Emirati man driving at high speed was killed when his four-wheel vehicle overturned and plunged into a tunnel.

Police said the car swerved and overturned after the 26-year-old man was taken off guard when he was close to a roundabout in Nahel area.

“The driver lost control of the car and it overturned and fell into Alittihad tunnel…….he was killed on the spot after the car was completely destroyed by a fire,” a police official said.

Another national man was killed after his car swerved off the road while he was driving on Emirates street in Ras Al Khaimah.

The 34-year-old was accompanied by a 25-year-old Arab woman who suffered from medium injuries in the accident on Friday morning, newspapers quoted police as saying without giving other details.

Police also reported 24-year-old Bangladeshi driver died while four other men of the same nationality were injured after their Ajman-registered vehicle overturned on Sharjah-Dhaid road because of speed.

“We again appeal for the drivers to respect traffic laws, to be more careful on the road and to stop using their mobile phones while driving,” said Lt Colonel Jamal Al Amri, public relations chief at the Abu Dhabi police.

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