Strange affair: Housewife in blackmail plot

An Iranian jobless man has been accused of allegedly threatening to defame a housewife by publishing inappropriate pictures and videos of her if she did not have an affair with him.

The 29-year-old is also accused of calling the 23-year-old woman on her mobile phone and even stalking her.

Testifying at the Dubai Criminal Court, the victim said she first saw him at a traffic signal while she was driving her sons back home. He tried making conversations to her but she ignored him. He allegedly followed her home and asked her if she was divorced. When she replied in the negative, he requested her to be his girlfriend. "He took the names of my husband and children and said he will publish pictures and videos that show me with other men," she told the court.

That day before he left her place, he handed over his mobile number to her and requested she call him. The victim claims that she did not call him. However, the following day when she was at  Al Mamzar area with another friend and kids, he came over and wanted to know why she did not call him.

So the following day, she called him and demanded to see the pictures he claimed he had. She went along with a friend to Al Mulla Plaza. "But we found he was lying. I informed my husband who inturn notified the c police," she claimed.

The accused has denied the accusations. The case is adjourned until October 11.

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