Student charged for raping friend’s sister

A 24-year-old Emirati student, FAJ, allegedly exploited his love affair with friend’s sister AAS as he dragged her into a house claiming that it will be their future house after the marriage in order to rape her, the Dubai court was told today.

FAJ has been charged with kidnapping, confining and raping AAS. AAS, 28, writer, testified that she knew the accused had her mobile number and he started calling her after her brother used his mobile to call her after a fight he had with some people.

“Some youths attacked my brothers with swords so they went to the police station to register FIR. As the family got scared of the attackers we all left the house. My brother used the mobile phone of his friend FAJ who dropped him home from the police station to know whereabouts. Then FAJ started calling me and talking to me since he had my number. He asked me to marry him through an SMS but I replied that I do not know him yet to make a decision. He expressed his love and that he wants to travel to get treatment for his leg.

“He also told me that he wants to show me a house of his aunt that will be our future house. He insisted that I should see the house before he leaves for medical treatment. I went to the place he told me. I saw him waiting outside the house…he then insisted that I should get down my car and see the house. I opened my car’s door and got down. He pulled me into the house. As I reached half way in the yard, I tried to pull my hand and step back, but he held me from my neck and dragged me into the house to a bed room in the upper floor,” she told the court.

He beat me and forced me to undress. He also took my naked pictures then raped my saying that he will not keep me virgin so that I will not marry another man while he is away. As he finished, he asked me not to tell anyone especially my sister who knows about the relationship.

“When I returned home, I realised that I had lost virginity. I called him, but he did not answer my calls. So I told my sister who with her husband asked me to lodge a complaint with the police,” she testified.

Her sister, SAS, 23, could not prevent her tears in front of her husband MAF, 32, a police officer.

MAF told his wife that the crime should be reported to the police and he took his sister-in-law for forensic check-up.

The accused knew that police is looking for him so he approached the police station and claimed that he had consensual sex with the victim.

Forensic reported that the victim had lost virginity recently and she had sexual intercourse. There were also bruises on her body and her right knee.

Yousuf Mohammed Fulath, Chief Prosecutor, asked the court to apply stiffest penalty against the accused.
The Court will reconvene on July 15.


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