Student stabbed friend for cursing his mother

An 18-year-old student allegedly attempted to kill a friend following a brawl in an indoor playing area, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

A fight broke between YKK, Iraqi, and AHB, Lebanese student, during which the later cursed the mother of the accused.

After fighting in the playroom, the accused went outside. One of the witnesses came to the victim and told him that YKK is willing to sort out the problem outside the playing area and asked him to go out to meet YKK. AHB went out and saw the accused standing next to the parking lot. He then stepped towards him, pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed him three times after asking him why he cursed his mother. The accused was angry when the victim told him that it was in revenge for cursing his mother two days before.

The accused stabbed AHB in his belly, arm and chest close to the heart before running away, according to the records. When two of their friends identified as Sameer and Mohammed, came out of the hall and saw the victim on the ground stained with blood, the accused ran away. Sameer called for an ambulance to rush the victim to the hospital.

Second Lieutenant Ahmad Eid testified that the accused confessed to buying the knife about half an hour before committing the crime and threw it in a garbage bin after stabbing the victim.

“The knife was not found even two days had passed after the crime,” he testified.

The court adjourned the case to June 6.

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‘Poisoned’ lover stabs ex-girlfriend over break-up

A lover tried to commit suicide and to kill his ex-beloved by stabbing her with a knife in a building where she used to work as a maid, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

JKK, 32-year-old Indian guard is accused of attempting to kill NBA, 40, because she broke up with him.

The victim NBA, 40, works for a family who stays in a building in the Al Nahda area and was allowed to stay in a flat on the eighth floor of the same building – with her employer’s relatives.

 “After I finished cleaning my employer’s house, I went down to the other flat in the eighth floor where I was allowed to stay. When I left the house to go back, I saw JKK standing outside the door.

“He pulled a knife from a laptop bag and stabbed me on the neck saying: “I’ll kill you” and stabbed me again in my belly. I tried to stop him by holding the knife, but he stabbed my arm. I held the knife and started screaming for help. The neighbours came to my help and called the police.

“He tried to kill me because I broke off my relationship with him and refused to marry him. During this period he threatened to kill me and himself whenever I passed by him in the building,” she testified.

“There were blood in the lift and an empty juice container next to the accused who was lying with his hands tied to his back in the corridor of the building, shivering,” testified Major Juma Khalfan who rushed to the scene on July 6 at around 12.30am.

The accused confessed being involved in an affair with NBA fore three years. He told the police officer that he had converted to Islam to be able to marry her, but NBA left him.

On the day of the incident, he took a knife from his house and put it in the laptop bag and put pesticide in the juice container. As he saw her, he asked her why she broke up but as she did not give him attention he drank the pesticide asking her to clarify. When he felt dizzy, he pulled the knife and stabbed her and fell unconscious.

When the police officer asked him why he stabbed the victim he replied: “Why should I be poisoned and she have life.”

The maid’s employer, Mudar Mohsen, 38, Indian, testified that one of the neighbours knocked at their door and told them about a problem on the eighth floor.

“My wife and I rushed down and saw the victim bleeding while the accused was still holding her hand. My wife pulled her away from him and took her to our house and I called the police.”

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