Tang safe for consumption in UAE

Rumours about the product are not valid. (Al Bayan)

Tang is safe and fit for human consumption and has not been withdrawn from the market, according to Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA).

The authority said rumours about the product are not valid and confirmed that the holes spotted on packages are made by the manufacturing company and it is a necessity, reported 'Al Khaleej'.

Dr. Hachim Al Nuaimi, Director, Consumer Protection, Ministry of Economy, said Tang juice products are safe and they are in high demand and are selling normally in the markets.

He added there has been no decision to withdraw the product.

A Dubai Municipality official said the product is packed before they are shipped in and transported to retail outlets.

Manufacturers make holes in covers at the production stage to reduce impact of air pressure on packages and to prevent them from damage, Nuaimi explained.

Globally, industries resort to this practice to prevent cracking and damaging of products when being shipped across.

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