Teens pay UAE cabbie with fake note

Two teenage boys have been referred to Family Court in Abu Dhabi for using forged currency note, Arabic daily ‘Al Bayan’ reported.

The duo - aged 13 and 14 years respectively – hailed a cab to go to a mall and paid the fare [totalling Dh30] with a fake currency note. They handed over a Dh200 forged note to the cabbie who returned Dh170 to them.

It was only after the boys went away that the cabbie noticed that the texture of the note was different. Suspecting foul play he rushed into the mall to trace the boys. He sought the help of the Mall security and informed police.

The teenagers admitted to giving the fake currency note to the cab driver, but insisted it was just for fun.

The 14-year-old boy told the Public Prosecutor that they had discovered pictures of fake currency notes on social networking sites, which they downloaded and processed it to match the measurements of a real note.

He admitted that initially they tried downloading a Dh500 note. But they did not use it and threw it in garbage.

Then they attempted this Dh200 note with the intention of fooling their friends for fun.

However, when they decided to go to the Mall and had no money, one of them suggested they use the fake note. But they insisted that it was just fun and they did that to see the reaction of the cabbie when he learns the note is fake.

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