Top 5 'dangerous' traffic zones in Dubai

Al Badayer area saw many serious accidents. (Supplied)

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road has topped the list of the most 'fatal' zones as far as traffic goes, in the emirate last year, with a total of 25 rescue missions, according to the Dubai Police Air Rescue Section.
Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Lt. Col. Khalfan Al Mazrouie, head of Dubai Police Air Rescue Section, says these were the most serious accidents which required the Air Rescue to help and transport victims to hospitals.
He pointed out that they also noticed that the time, between 2pm and 6pm, is the most critical as a majority of accidents takes place within this time zone.
“This is basically because this is the time that most people finish work or school and the roads have the maximum numbers of cars.”
He added: “Normally, a police patrol will never call for help from the Air Wing, unless the victims are in critical condition and require quick paramedic help and transportation to the hospital to save their lives.

“As for last year, our statistics showed that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road was the most fatal zone as we were called to help in 25 accidents.”
He added that the second highest fatal zone was the Jebel Ali area, as the Air Rescue unit responded and helped to rescue victims in 23 accidents.
Lt. Col. Al Mazrouie pointed out that the third zone was both, Al Hebab and Al Aweer areas, with 13 accidents in each.
“And the forth zone is again, both, Dubai-Al Ain Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, with 11 accidents on both of them.”
He also noted that the Al Badayer area saw many serious accidents.

“In this area, the accidents are mainly result from the use of quad bikes,” he said. 


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