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08 December 2023

Top 8 ways to make UAE employees stick to their jobs

By Shuchita Kapur

The list of reasons why people quit their jobs can be a long one. For some, it could be just impossible to work with the team at office, the irrevocable difference with the management or the boss, a better package on offer, or simply the decision to move base to another city.

Experts in human resources and in the recruitment industry in the country believe individual circumstances can be very different but overall there can be eight big reasons that will compel an employee not to quit her/his job.

These findings, released by recruitment firm Robert Half International in its 2014 salary survey, help employers better understand their employee’s job satisfaction levels and give an insight into voluntary job turnover at their workplace.

#1 Compensation and benefits

Salary is a critical component that helps retaining employees and is perhaps the most important one that will make them not switch jobs.

The Robert Half survey shows this is the main factor that will make them stay with the company they are employed with. Pay packages become all the more important now as the economy improves and many companies will not shy away from offering more money to attract talent.

This is quite predictable considering the fact that a large proportion of the expat population in the UAE is driven by monetary gains and salary hikes.

So, bosses, if you don’t want to lose your people, make sure that your salary structure is benchmarked against the industry you are in. Right folk?

#2 Work-life balance

Besides money, employees also look for a good work-life balance, as per Robert Half’s findings. A previous survey by online portal Bayt.com also proves the point. 

A survey that was released by Bayt last year stated that 75 per cent of UAE respondents believe that a good work-life balance will not only ensure continuity in the job but is also a very important source of motivation, with 60 per cent claiming that their current organization offers support for them to achieve this (this is 2 per cent higher than the regional average of 58 per cent).

#3 Corporate culture/work environment

Building a strong workplace culture fosters talent retention and this is another factor on the list of UAE employees that will make them stay put in their jobs and stay loyal to the company they work for.

Leaders or bosses who want to retain their people will have to excel at providing a great workplace culture with a long-term strategy for investment in their employees. Top-ranked companies, the ones that feature on the list of The Great Place to Work Institute, do just this to increase retention, productivity and cut costs.

#4 Good rapport with co-workers

Working in a conducive environment with good relationships is also very critical in making employees want to stay in their current jobs.

Interpersonal relationships at work can give a boost to one’s career and result in job satisfaction. They also lead to personal well-being that comes with positive interpersonal relationships. And, these are the reasons why the Robert Half survey puts this factor as an important one that makes employees want to stay in their jobs.

#5 Career advancement

It’s difficult for anyone to stay in a job that means end of the road for them. If employees feel they are stuck in a dead-end job, they will eventually move out.

According to Robert Half and many other recruitment companies many people will leave companies if there is lack of career advancement and this factor shows up on virtually every list.

Companies need to ensure that employees are given enough opportunities to develop themselves and their careers. This could be by giving them training, offering tools to develop and much needed promotions.

#6 Brand/corporate reputation

Managing corporate reputation may not be on top of the list but is an important factor that employees consider when they think of continuing working with a company or not.

Employees want to be associated with a company that is known for its good HR policies as well as good business dealing and even CSR policies. Studies on workplace have revealed that when a company’s reputation suffers, so does employee morale. And, if it’s continuously on a downhill, employees will move out. 

And, so, this is one factor that employees will consider when they think of moving out of a job, shows statistics.

#7 Growing business/opportunity

Next on the list of the recruitment firm is the performance of the company and the business it is in.

If the business of the company is shrinking it is expected that the personal development of an employee will suffer. On the contrary, as the business expands and new projects are won, employees will get a chance to grow professionally and financially.

#8 Inspirational leadership

There is a direct link between inspiring leadership and talent retention as it has a big impact on employee engagement and commitment.

Leaders who have the ability to inspire those below them in the hierarchy can motivate staff to work harder and love their job. 

Such kind of leaders encourage employees to accomplish their goals at work, capitalise on their strengths, work on their weaknesses and in the long-run this can result into happy employees, which means they will most likely stick to their jobs.

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