UAE capital to get world's first Abaya work-inspired 'souq' - Emirates24|7

UAE capital to get world's first Abaya work-inspired 'souq'

Abu Dhabi will get a traditional souq, which has been designed based on the Al-Mukhour pattern, an embroidery pattern used in abayas (women’s gown) in the UAE, Emirates 24|7 can reveal.

The project, developed by Al Qudra Holding, will be located in the W64 zone of Abu Dhabi, between the Maqtaa Bridge and Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque street.

“Wearing these abayas embroidered with Al Mukhour is a fundamental part of the past traditions and current customs prevailing in the UAE society, being consistent with the public sphere and in harmony with the culture,” the developer said in a project brochure.

“The traditional souq is considered one of the most important places that reinforce national identity and promotes the values, concepts and traditions of Arabian culture, in addition to being an important economic tourist destination,” it added.

The covered souq is one of the main attractions of the development and is located on the basement level to provide more adequate space for all the market items such as organics fruit, vegetable and flower markets, horticultural events, as well as arts and crafts exhibitions. It is designed to have wider open spaces and stalls to walk through.

It will be connected directly to the visitor’s centre, a development located near the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque through underground circulation and pedestrian facilities. This is aimed to blend the neighboring areas to the traditional souq.

There will be a Performance Arts Centre in the heart of the souq and within the central core of the plaza with the Islamic pattern. Food and beverage areas will, however, be located along the bay.

The Mosque will be the focal point for some of the main cultural and educational activities. Besides, there will be a library designed to provide a place for an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles of Islam.

There will also be a Cultural Centre and the Arts and Cinema centre, which will showcase the art of the UAE’s heritage and its historical settings.

No details were shared on when construction will commence and be completed.