UAE doctors save worker's hand from amputation

Nail pierced into the thumb area but did not affect the main artery. (EAY)

Doctors at Dhaid Hospital saved the hand of an Asian carpenter after an eight-cm nail pierced into his palm during work at a construction site in the northeastern UAE town.

An orthopaedic specialist said the man was brought to hospital after a nail pierced into his left palm hand just near his thumb.

“Fortunately, the nail did not penetrate bone otherwise we could have amputated the hand,” Dr Majid Al Thabiti said, quoted by Dubai-based ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily.

Thabiti said he performed a minor surgery on the hand to remove the nail and avoid any ruptures to arteries as the object had sharp edges.

He said the nail pierced into the thumb area but did not affect the main thumb artery, adding that the operation involved making an opening between the tissues to pull out the nail without affecting arteries and tissues.

“This worker was lucky as the nail cut through flesh near his thumb without affecting the bone and tissues. In such cases, amputation could be the solution,” Thabiti said.

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