UAE fog: Visibility down to 50m [video]


Latest: The National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has continued its heavy fog forecast for the next two days.

The NCMS also warned motorists that visibility could fall to 50 metres in the west of country, though foggy conditions could be experienced across the UAE.

88 accidents in four hours

The dense fog that covered large areas of the UAE on Monday caused 88 traffic across Dubai, ‘Al Bayan’ reports. All these accidents took place between 4am and 8am.
Meanwhile, the Department of Command and Control at Dubai Police received approximately 860 phone calls involving road incidents between 4am and 8am on Monday.

Brigadier-General Omar Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of the General Department of Operations at Dubai Police, however, pointed out that the first incident occurred at 5.50am on Monday.

He called on all drivers and road users to exercise caution, especially during fog times.

There were also reports of medium to heavy rain in Al Ain on MOnday.

Meanwhile, foggy conditions in parts of UAE continued on Tuesday morning.

100 flights delayed

The fog that covered different areas of the country on Monday led to the delay of 100 flights at the international airports in the UAE, ‘Al Bayan’ reports.

Meanwhile, more than 60 flights coming in to Dubai International Airport were delayed between 04.15am and 10.20am. 

While 30 flights coming in to Abu Dhabi international airport were also delayed due to fog, as were 17 flights coming in to Sharjah international airport.

Abu Dhabi emergency plan

Brigadier Khalifa Mohamed Al Khaili, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said the directorate is also implementing an emergency plan during foggy conditions in collaboration with the departments of civil defence, ambulance and rescue services.

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The directorate has also called upon motorists to refrain from commuting on Abu Dhabi roads until visibility improves.

It includes controlling the flow of traffic on site; promptly transferring the injured to hospitals; clearing damaged vehicles off of the road; and diverting traffic to other lanes in case of traffic accidents.

Brigadier Al Khaili called upon drivers travelling on external roads and highways, especially in the areas that have recently witnessed the formation of thick fog, (Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road, Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road, Abu Dhabi- Al Ghuwaifat Road, Al Ain-Dubai Road) to remain cautious and reduce their vehicles’ speed; drive cautiously at a speed that is appropriate for the current circumstances; and using the low-lights of the vehicle.

Moreover, Brigadier Al Khaili revealed that the directorate is implementing a comprehensive awareness plan, which includes intensifying awareness messages that warn drivers, as well as deploying the ‘Education Patrols’, to enhance social interaction with the different age groups, especially the young, and providing advice to drivers on safe driving during foggy conditions to avoid traffic accidents and the resulting deaths and major injuries.


Fog on Monday

Dubai Airport has confirmed to 'Emirates 24|7' that four flight were diverted on Monday morning to various airports across the UAE and the GCC due to the heavy fog that shrouded parts of the country and brought visibility down to 50 metres in some areas.

The authority confirmed a Dubai-bound flight was diverted to Al Ain International Airport, while other flights were accommodated in Doha and Muscat.

It is unclear where those flights originated from.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Airports Corporation has confirmed the capital’s operations were running as normal and no flights were delayed or diverted due to low visibility.

The Ministry of Interior Abu Dhabi also took to its official Twitter account to warn about fog on Monday morning, tweeting: “Low visibility due to fog formation on different parts in Abu Dhabi and highways. Motorists urged to take extra caution.”

Although, despite the warning, the Abu Dhabi Police reported traffic congestion and delays on Sheikh Zayed Road inbound.

Traffic conditions across several arteries between Dubai, Sharjah is slow moving due to low visibility, and several reported crashes.

An accident on Al Wasl Road earlier has finally cleared, according to Dubai Police, but the traffic was still congested around Al Safa area.

There is also heavy traffic and congestion on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road due to slow moving vehicles because of fog from Dubai Sports City, heading towards DIP roundabout and Abu Dhabi, as reported by TrafficDxb on Twitter.

The situation on Umm Suqeim Road, from Arabian Ranches, leading up to Kings Dubai School, along with neighbouring Hessa Street is similar.

Sharjah commuters are not faring better, with Ahmed tweeting: “Complete standstill tailback along Al Khan Cornish Road Sharjah near Victoria.”

The UAE woke up a second day, shrouded in dense fog, with visibility dropping to 50 metres in parts of the country.

Commuters on Sheikh Zayed Road reported slow moving traffic on the busy highway, heading south towards Jebel Ali, with visibility down to less than 100 metres near Al Safa area.

Fog reduces visibility on Dubai's roads  on Monday morning (Kamran)

Several residents took to social media to urge others to commute with their headlights on and avoid driving with hazard lights.

The country’s National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) warned of fog formation on late Sunday night and early Monday morning on the inland and coastal areas of the country, with rains lashing the eastern region of UAE late Sunday, associated with high winds.

Fog over Sweihan, along with Liwa and the locale around Al Minhad airbase is particularly affected, with visibility at 50m, according to the NCMS.

The foggy climes are expected to continue on Tuesday as well, according to NCMS, with humidity levels reaching highs of 95 per cent.

Foggy Sunday

Dense fog has been reported across the UAE, with the Ministry of Interior warning motorists to take extra caution due to low visibility on highways.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reported fog and mist in Al Ain, Swiehan, Al Minhad, Liwa, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi–Dubai and Dubai–Al Ain roads.


The centre also said there was chance of fog formation over some coastal and internal areas by late night and early morning.

Pic credit: Kamran

Last week, the weather bureau warned motorists of heavy fog conditions in the coming few days with the possibility of spike in humidity levels in the morning hours.

Crash on Rebat Street; Low visibility on SZR

A crash was reported Sunday morning on Rebat Street, even as motorists were warned by UAE authorities to drive with caution due to low visibility in parts in wake of the scattered fog around coastal and inland areas.

These fog images have been taken this morning by the man operating the crane atop the Marina 101 tower. (Supplied)

At 7.15am, Dubai Police tweeted: “An accident has been reported on Al Rebat Street towards Bur Dubai; please be extra cautious.”

Drivers heading from Sharjah to Dubai via Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road are also reporting slow-moving traffic on the busy highway, hindered further by low visibility down to 100 metres, said one commuter.

Meanwhile, another tweeted: “Sharjah-Dubai traffic is standstill today. 100 metres in one hour.”

According to TrafficDxb on Twitter, around 8.15am, heavy traffic is reported on E611-Emirates Road after E88 Al Dhaid Road intersection towards Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, another commuter is reporting delays stretching beyond an hour for those heading southbound from Sharjah, with one driver tweeting at 8.15am: “Only been on the road since 6.45am and haven’t crossed the Sharjah border as yet.”

Adding further to the woes of Sharjah commuters, a minor crash reported around 8am on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road has created congestion on the busy highway.

Eyewitnesses state the crash is before National Paints interchange, heading towards Dubai causing congestion and delays.

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