UAE fuel prices now lower than before deregulation began

Beginning yesterday evening, petroleum distribution companies in the UAE began selling fuel at the new price, reported ‘Al Bayan’.

The new fuel price is lower than those before the deregulation of prices began.
According to the new price, a litre of diesel is now Dh1.87, compared to Dh2.90 before deregulation – a drop of 35.5 per cent. In August, a litre of diesel cost Dh2.05.

Earlier, the Fuel Price Follow-up Committee, chaired by Dr. Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, on Wednesday concluded its meeting at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and announced fuel prices for the month of November.

Diesel fuel prices for November will be Dh1.87 per litre, and for gasoline products: Super (98 octane) Dh1.81, Special (95 octane) Dh1.70, and E Plus (91 octane) Dh1.63 per litre.


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