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09 June 2023

UAE Jobs: 5 reasons why firms should be hiring

By Shuchita Kapur

When the economy is growing and businesses are making more profits, it’s natural that employers in the UAE will hire more staff.

They will eye more projects, new streams of revenue and for that they will need more people to run the show.

This is the most obvious reason that employers seek to hire. But, there are many others signs that should tell an employer that it is time to add to the headcount.

Here are some of them.

Do you have a tired team?

Each one of us has a limit to how much we can work. Over-work will only stress out employees and you may have a tired and sleepy team in the morning.

If you see signs of tiredness throughout your office, take note. It could be that most employees are working long hours with little rest.

Are your top performers failing now?

A top performer, unable to deliver the results that he used to is a sure sign that he is being overworked as you may be short of staff.

He can do the extra work of another person for some time but over the months it will start showing in this work. If this continues for a long time, the talented employee may leave the company looking for a better company.

And, if the top performers are cracking up one can only imagine what the rest of the staff is being faced with.

So, try to reduce his/her workload by taking that extra work off his shoulder and s/he may again show the same results that you’ve been used to.

Your employees aren’t happy as business grows

You may be on top of the world as your company wins new contracts but the same sentiment is not shared one bit by your employees. The reason could be that they will sense more work.

If you are expanding or vying new businesses, try to get more people onboard. Do not expect your existing team to do all the additional work. This overload can see many leave the job if they can’t cope or get a better option somewhere else.

Are your customers complaining repeatedly?

Happy employees mean happy clients and customers – this is so true and so is vice versa.

If your customer service number is flooded with complaints about your service and products, it can be traced back to your employees. 

If you stretch the capacity of your people, they will perform badly and this will mean irritated and dissatisfied customers.

In the long run, this may mean losing your customer base, impacting your business. So, avoid the loss and hire more people.

Most are falling sick on a regular basis

A tired body and mind will invite ill health. Employees who are too tired when they leave work have difficulty even going to sleep. The next day, you can expect the employee to call in sick. Are employees taking sick leave quite often? If yes, it could be just stress and workplace burnout.

This could be another sign that you need to hire more people so that each one in your office can work efficiently.

Saving money by not hiring more people to manage the workload is not a wise decision as in the long-run it will impact your business and erode your profits.

There is no need to embark on a hiring spree but ask yourself these questions to help you determine whether you have enough people to accomplish your goals or you need to add more staff.

As the UAE economy grows, you may definitely not want to miss out on new business so hire.

If you are under-staffed, hiring new people may enable you increase revenue and improve profit margins? After all, doing more with less might not be the right decision at all times.