UAE kids risk lives playing this game


The Media Security Department of the UAE Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police, in its endeavour to raise sense of security and community responsibility has  released a new picture that highlight dangers and raise awareness.

This latest 'reality' picture shows children playing on the street, which threatens their lives and is a danger to drivers and road users.

Earlier pictures showed:

- Cricket being played on the road and illegal acts of overloading and over crowding vehicles;
- Despite providing safe pedestrian crossings, some individuals insist on crossing the road in a wrong way, that puts their safety at risk;
- Both man and vehicle endangering themselves with wrong road practices.
- Drivers not abiding by public safety specifications and conditions when attaching trailers to the backs of their vehicles may pose risks for other road users.

“We are shedding light on the positive and negative behaviour captured by the Security Media patrol cameras,” the department said in a statement.

“The reality photos aim to highlight the various incidents taking place in society and photographed by our patrol,” it added.

The department thanked public for its ‘unrelenting co-operation’ and partnership in boosting security and safety system in the country.

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