UAE preempted warnings on repercussions of climate change by taming the desert

The UAE, which was founded 45 years ago, preceded warnings of environmental experts on repercussions of the climate change, global warming and pollution in all its forms, by taming the desert and cultivating green spaces as well as protecting water and animal resources, Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, has said.

He attributed this feat to the mutual relationship between man and nature in the UAE, describing it  as a sentimental relationship governed by conscience and spontaneous commitment to  respecting resources.

In an article entitled: "Towards the Globalisation of Sustainable Environmental Behaviour, carried by Arabic language local daily, Al Ittihad, the UAE minister said, "The uniqueness of the UAE and its leadership in building more sustainable world, is worth meditating."

"The UAE conscience that loves nature and respects its harmonious rhythm, earlier caught the attention of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who had sought throughout his life to combat the desertification and adapt the desert's climate harsh conditions through reforestation, protection of livestock, investment in agriculture and innovation in advanced irrigation techniques," Dr. Al Zeyoudi wrote.

He noted that the Knight of the Desert, the late Sheikh Zayed, given his intuition,  was well ahead of the environmentalists who warned about the risks that face the planet. Dr. Al Zeyoudi said Sheikh Zayed was keen that the urbanisation in the oil-rich country, should go along with the anti-pollution plans.  

"Before the growing global concern over the effects of the climate change in 1970s, the UAE planted trees around and in the cities to protect them from the desert sands and reduce the humidity. In addition, enacting of the regulations and legislation began to take shape to protect the environment from the effects of urbanisation and economic boom," he added.

Those efforts laid the foundations for professional cultural life that protects human life and land to be inherited by future generations, Dr. Al Zeyoudi wrote.

"I belong to the generation that imbued the Zayed culture and now witnessing the sustainability of his development of the environmental approach by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan," he added.

All Emirati youth are proud about the state's sustainable development plans that take into account the environment protection, Dr. Al Zeyoudi said.