UAE ranked 5th in order and security globally

World Justice Project praises absence of corruption

The United Arab Emirates is ranked fifth in the world in terms of order and security, according to the latest Rule of Law Index released by the World Justice Project.
The UAE was ranked number one in the region in half of the eight main categories that contribute to the overall rankings.
The Rule of Law Index said that in the region, the UAE ranked number 1 in terms of 'Absence of Corruption', 'Order and Security', 'Regulatory Enforcement' and 'Criminal Justice'.
The WJP Rule of Law Index is a quantitative assessment tool designed by the World Justice Project to offer a comprehensive picture of the extent to which countries adhere to the rule of law, not in theory, but in practice.
The WJP Rule of Law Index is derived from a set of principles that constitute a working definition of the rule of law. Adherence to these principles is measured by means of a large set of performance indicators that provide a comprehensive and multidimensional picture of the status of the rule of law in each country.

The report said that the United Arab Emirates leads the region in several dimensions of the rule of law.
"Public institutions in the country are relatively well-developed and free of corruption, and government officers are held accountable for misconduct.
"The country is safe from crime and violence (ranking fifth in the world) and the civil court system is efficient and relatively independent," it said.

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