UAE's summer rainfall this weekend


Following days of rainfall in parts of UAE, the country’s weather bureau has forecast the next 48 hours would likely follow a similar pattern.

The northeastern belt of UAE has experienced the wet weather, with reports of hail storms and thunderstorms in Ras Al Khaimah, along with heavy rain in surrounding areas of Fujairah and Al Ain.

The UAE's National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) told Emirates 24|7: "The township of Masafi has experienced the most rainfall, with 15.4mm recorded on Monday.

"Areas such as Al Manama, along with Mezyad in Al Ain have all experienced similar thundery rain."

Calling the weather pattern a tropical conversion zone that has extended to the northeast area of the Arabian Peninsula, NCMS stated the next two days should continue in a similar pattern over those areas, along with neighbouring Oman around Al Hajjar mountain range.

While UAE‎ residents could plan their weekend outings to the Northern Emirates to enjoy the respite in weather, the temperatures may not follow suit.

NCMS said: "During peak rains, the weather in Masafi and surrounding areas had dropped to 25 degrees Celsius around 3pm, but it will continue to be very hot and humid, with the rest of the country and cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi averaging 45 degrees Celsius."

Quizzed whether a wayward cloud could find its way into the cities in a similar pattern to Sunday, when Dubai experienced drizzling in parts, NCMS stated it was unlikely.

Wet Tuesday

Dhaid in Sharjah, areas of Suhaila and Zubaydh and Ras Al Khaimah, saw heavy thunderstorms - rain, lightning and hail, 'Al Bayan' reports.

Rain in Dhaid ranged between medium and heavy. Ras Al Khaimah saw heavy rains accompanied by a drop in temperatures.

Reports of rain in Al Ain were also coming in.

NCMS has forecast the weather to be partly cloudy in general today, with light rain forecast in afternoon in some areas.

Rain in Ras Al Khaimah. (Al Bayan)

Rain watch

UAE, on Sunday evening, saw light showers reported over parts of Hatta and Masfout, along Al Ain, bordering village of Al Faqaa, along with Al Shuwaib and Al Maliha.

Rain UAE posted these images of rainfall on Sunday evening in Al Shuwaib.


Several Dubai residents also reported drizzling late Sunday night, with Maryam Alawadi tweeting: “Wait. How it is raining? It’s summer and in Dubai that makes it more impossible to rain.”

Afra Belselah stated: “Who said the sky can’t rain in Dubai, in July...”

Another resident, Chetan A Karnik ‏tweeted: “Did it or did it not drizzle in Dubai? Felt a shower which ended before I could type this tweet.”

The country’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology has forecast ‘thundery rain’ for another 48 hours, with Dubai and Sharjah residents waking up to overcast skies on Monday.

The NCMS has further stated the cloud cover will increase over the eastern and southern areas of the UAE on Monday, which may be associated with rain.

The weather in general on Monday will see the UAE experience light to moderate winds, which may freshen at times.

The sea will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and while a marine alert for rough waters in the Oman Sea remains standing.

The relative humidity will increase by night and early morning tomorrow over some western coastal areas, with a chance of some mist formation.

Speaking to 'Emirates24|7', a spokesperson with NCMS said: "The Hajjar mountain range is key to the stormy weather that is being forecasted, which should start by late afternoon on Sunday.

"The convective clouds forming over the mountains will bring thundery rain across the border of UAE and Oman, particularly around north of Hatta, Masafi and east of Al Ain."

The spokesperson further added: "The strong fresh winds coming from Oman Sea will result in this weather lasting until Tuesday in the area, with rainfall possibly extending to internal parts of the country on Monday and Tuesday."

The NCMS also revealed that cloud seeding operations will also be underway to facilitate the rainfall further in those parts.

Meanwhile, the NCMS has also issued a marine alert for the Oman Sea, which extends until Tuesday, citing easterly winds that may be fresh to strong; however, no such alert has been issued for the Arabian Gulf.

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