UAE’s twins and triplets to meet and greet at Safa Park

If they didn’t come in twos, the Olsons twins might not have been such a rage in Hollywood. And that’s probably why it’s a good idea to honour all things multiple. So, in keeping with this sentiment, local group X2 is gearing up to host the first-ever gathering of twins and triplets at Safa Park on March 22-23.

The curtain-raiser – a flash mob featuring 20-25 twins and triplets at the Walk on Jumeriah Beach Residence last Friday – was in keeping with the fun element the organisers wish to associate with this event.

The organisers - Nathalie Attar, a mother of twins who runs, and Suman Manning, a mother of triplets who runs support group Multiples UAE, - said their initiative is to host a family day-out that celebrates multiplicity through contests, parades, games, forums and the like.

Tickets are priced at Dh20 for an adult and Dh10 for a child (with kids below 2 years not charged), with options for family-day tickets at Dh45 (for 2 adults and 3 children) and weekend tickets at Dh70 (for 2 adults and 3 children).

And if you know of twins or triplets, or are one half of a pair, then log on to and register for this fun outing.