UAE Sea Alert: 12-feet waves, strong winds next 48 hours

Residents advised to avoid coastal areas and deep sea

Fresh to strong northwesterly winds will blow in dust and reduce horizontal visibility over the next 48 hours. The UAE has issued a marine alert, warning of rough seas with wave heights peaking at 12 feet.

The weather system will affect the UAE and Qatar, with the latter also issuing a marine, warning residents to avoid coastal areas on Wednesday and Thursday.

A spokesperson for the UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) told Emirates 24|7 that the temperature would also experience a slight drop with the northwesterly winds coming into play.

“On Wednesday early morning, the UAE could experience some fog or mist around the coastal areas, which will later be affected by an increase in the wind speed that will affect most of the country until Friday morning,” the spokesperson said.

“The country will be under the effect of northwesterly winds, which will become fresh to strong at times, averaging 22-45kms per hour, while reaching 55km per hour over the sea.

“The wind will also kick up dust and sand over land, especially across open areas, which could further hinder horizontal visibility,” the NCMS spokesperson continued.

Fishermen and those venturing offshore are being warned of rough to very rough marine conditions in the Arabian Gulf.

“The system would also give rise to rough to very rough seas, leading to wave height averaging six to eight feet, with highs of 12 feet at times,” the spokesperson added. “There is a marine warning also coming into effect onshore, which could witness wave height reaching highs of five feet.

“Beachgoers, swimmers and those venturing out to sea should take heed.”

The system will also affect temperatures, with the NCMS saying northwesterly winds should bring about a one to three degree drop in mercury, with Fujairah being the only emirate that will witness a spike “due to the effect of the mountain range,” the spokesperson clarified.

The average temperature will hover between 30 and 38 degrees in the coastal areas, with the internal areas experiencing 38-43 degrees on average; the mountain would see 22-30 degrees on average.

Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority has issued a similar weather forecast: “Onshore and offshore warnings renewed… the country is expected to be affected by strong northwesterly winds, ranging between 20 to 30 knots with gusts reaching 38 knots at times causing blowing dust and visibility expected to drop to 2kms or less in some areas at times.

“Sea state will be rough, as wave height expected to range between eight to 10 feet, reaching 12 feet.”

Qatar Meteorology Department has urged residents to avoid sea activities for the duration.

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