UAE September petrol prices set to drop: What does it mean to you?

UAE residents are waiting today to welcome the corroboration of news about the September petrol prices, which are expected to be lower than those for August.

Petrol prices are expected to drop in September as part of the new pricing system, where UAE prices are fixed every month depending on the global prices.

UAE’s Energy Minister had tweeted earlier this month that the price could drop in September.

“We expect gasoline and diesel prices for September to be lower than in August,” he said on his Twitter page.

‘Any drop in petrol pricing is good but something closer to the pre-August pricing structure will be more than welcome.’ This is how most respondents commented on what a drop in prices for the month of September could mean.

August was the first month when the new unsubsidised system came into effect.

“We would be happy if the price does not go higher than this. I pay about Dh160 for a full tank,” said Mark Sebastian, who lives in Al Nahda and drives daily to Media City for work.

Petrol prices (Special 95) went up from Dh1.72 per litre to Dh2.14 in August. Unleaded Gasoline 98 increased by about 22 per cent to Dh2.25 per litre.

Commenting on a possible drop in prices, Rafiq Ahmad, who works in a pharmacy said: “I would be happy to pay anything less than what I’m paying now.”

Many motorists said they have already started effective use of Salik toll gates.

“Earlier I would hardly use the Salik gates. But now I have started using them. It makes more sense to pay Dh4 extra compared to drive an additional 10 to 15km and spend an additional 10 to 25 minutes in traffic,” says Rohan Pinto, who crosses the Salik gate at Mall of the Emirates.

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