UAE Weather Alert: Active dust winds cause low visibility

Wednesday will generally be dusty and warm in most areas in UAE (File)

Motorists should brace themselves for dusty conditions on Wednesday, with the UAE’s weather bureau warning of fresh winds that could bring horizontal visibility down to 1,500 metres.

The UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has further warned the weather will continue to be hot to very hot over most areas of the country, with the internal areas expected to record highs of 49 degrees Celsius.

Humidity levels are also expected to spike to settle in around 85 per cent around the coastal areas.

The NCMS further stated the weather will be hazy in general, along with being “partly cloudy over the eastern and the southern areas, with a chance of some convective clouds formation by afternoon.

“Moderate to fresh winds in general will result in blowing dust and poor visibility over exposed areas. The sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.”

The weather pattern is expected to continue into Thursday and the weekend, with the formation of convective clouds bringing some respite in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Tuesday, July 26

UAE weather bucked the heat wave sweeping the Middle East as Al Ain witnessed light to moderately heavy rain on Monday afternoon.

The NCMS also posted video of rain near Jebel Hafeet.

Rain was accompanied by brisk wind laden with dust. Rainfall was also reported from the industrial areas of Al Muagai, Haily and Manasair in addition to Qatara, Mazyad, Al Mubazara, Al Dhahir and Massa areas near Al Ain.

As rain water accumulated in several streets within the city, residents posted videos, expressing their happiness for the rain in very hot weather.

Monday, July 25

The hot and hazy weather that kicked up dust and sand across the UAE on Sunday continue to hinder horizontal visibility today.

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The Met office had forecast Monday in the UAE to be hazy in general, becoming ‎"hot to very hot over most areas and partly cloudy over eastern and southern areas, with some rainy towering clouds at times."

Highs of 49 degrees Celsius were forecasted in the UAE's interior region, even as humidity levels hit 85 per cent around the coastal parts.

A heatwave through the Middle East has seen the Mercury gradually climb this past week, with Kuwait reportedly recording temperatures close to 55 degrees Celsius, while it's neighbour Iraq saw highs of 53.9 degrees.

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