UAE weather: Rain on Sunday

Photo by Osama Abughanim

If there ever was a weekend to head out into the desert for camping, this would be it.

The weather forecast for the weekend promises a dip in the chill that has gripped the UAE these past few days, with temperatures expected to rise between two to three degrees over the following 48 hours.

A spokesperson for the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) for the UAE stated: "‎The temperatures are gradually rising, and this weekend could see a two to three degree spike in Mercury.

"However, humidity levels will also rise, with a strong chance of early morning fog or mist over the internal and coastal areas of the UAE.

"Residents should take heed with ‎a chance of low visibility in some areas."

Humidity levels over the weekend are averaging highs of 95 per cent.

However, the weather pattern is expected to lead to a cooling off by Sunday, with the increase in cloud cover the previous day, giving way to some rainfall with fresh winds giving rise to blowing dust over open areas.

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