UAQ busts illegal bird trading ring

Umm Al-Quwain authorities recovered more than 700 migratory birds illegally captured by four Asian hunters during a raid on their house near the city, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Inspectors from the Umm Al-Quwain municipality and police stormed the house after receiving reports that a large number of dead birds are strewn near that house, Albayan said, quoting Falaj Almualla municipality director Salim Khalfan.

He said the four confessed to being involved in illegal hunting of migratory birds and selling them to UAE falconers.

Khalfan said a team of municipality inspectors backed by policemen stormed the suspected house after receiving reports that a large quantity of dead birds and fish were seen around the house in Falaj Al-Mualla.

“After entering the house, they found more than 700 migratory birds in captivity…they were placed in the house’s parlour in a unhygienic way and there were no certificates showing the birds are free of diseases,” he said.

“We confiscated the birds and examined them to ensure they do not have bird flue or other diseases…the birds were later released into nature, mainly into their main breeding marine areas.”

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