Video: Blood, bones among black magic 'goods' in Dubai

Customs foil 155 attempts to smuggle witchcraft and sorcery items

Dubai Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport lately foiled 155 attempts of smuggling about 10,000 articles, weighing 97 kgs, associated with the practice of witchcraft and sorcery.

'Emarat Al Youm' and 'Al Bayan' both reported that blood and bones were found among the seized items.

These black magic goods were seized from passengers of different nationalities while they attempted to smuggle them into the country. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director, Dubai Customs, said: "Practising sorcery and witchcraft is a bad habit. It  threatens the security of society by manipulating people’s minds and taking advantage of their needs to deceive them.

(Pics credit: Al Bayan)

"Dubai Customs is committed to its corporate social responsibility through deterring all bids to smuggle prohibited materials into the country.”

He said Dubai Customs provides training and awareness courses for its staff so they can recognise these materials.

"Smugglers often invent new methods to hoodwink customs officials. Upon arrival at the customs zone in the airport, passengers baggage  is inspected and screened using X-Ray scanning devices. Both large luggage and handbags are then physically inspected by trained inspectors to make sure they contain no illicit imports."

Musabih reaffirmed Dubai Customs’ keenness on thwarting all attempts at illegally importing sorcery items, as con artists often use black magic to supposedly help relieve people from their problems but then cheat them of large sums of money.

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