Visually impaired Dubai student gains MA degree

'As a young, ambitious and determined nation, UAE is emerging into a dynamic, global economic powerhouse'

Last week, a university in Dubai honoured 259 students at a graduation ceremony. A usual affair, but for the fact that among the inspiring personal journeys celebrated at the event was that of Dana Nashawati, a visually impaired student who graduated in the Master of Quality Management program.

According to a media statement by the University of Wollongong, Dana came to UOWD in search of the next challenge, having already obtained an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management.

[Dana (right) the visually impaired postgraduate in Quality Management]

The university said though visually impaired from the age of 13, Dana has been inspired rather than inhibited by her disability, and considers herself 'enabled, not disabled' by her restricted sight.

"There is always an element of having to prove yourself when you have some kind of disability, which is why I'm constantly pushing myself to face new challenges," Dana said while celebrating her latest achievement.

"It wasn't easy at times but I am certainly pleased that I took on that challenge," she said.

Delivering the keynote speech at the event, James Hogan, President and Chief Executive of Etihad Airways, said that the students were at the gateway of a world of opportunity. As a young, ambitious and determined nation, the UAE is emerging into a dynamic, global economic powerhouse, he said.

Hogan urged the graduates to embrace this opportunity, encouraging them to seize what is on offer and arm themselves with 'can-do and courage' as they take the next step into the world of work.


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