Wadeema's father escapes death penalty; gets life

The father who is accused of torturing his daughter to death is now sentenced to life in prison.

The Dubai Appellate Court commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment, reported local dailies, because the bench could not reach a unanimous decision on the death penalty.

The bench upheld the life term awarded to his partner.

The two of them were found guilty of torturing Wadeema and her sister Mira by imprisoning them for about six months and depriving them of food and clothes.

Wadeema later succumbed to her injuries.

The duo is also accused of illegally confining the minor sisters and curtailing their freedom.

Mira has suffered 10 per cent deformity to her upper arm and both the accused are also charged with inflicting permanent damage to the little girl.

However, both of them have been acquitted of hiding Wadeema’s body as the bench reasoned that it was only natural for offenders to resort to such an action.

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