Want sick leave certificate? Show Emirates ID!

Some Dubai private hospitals demanding ID cards for issuing sick leave certificates

A few private hospitals in Dubai are asking for Emirates ID when patients seek sick leave certificates, particularly if the person is a government employee.

A staff at a private hospital in new Dubai told this website that they ask for Emirates ID or passport copies in cases where the person is working with a government entity since they have to mention their ID details in the sick leave form sent to the authorities.

Zulfi Sahi, a Dubai resident, told this website: “I had never been asked for an Emirates ID or passport when I took sick leave certificates. But now the hospital staff asked me for my ID when I asked for a three-day sick leave certificate.”

Last week, Emirates 24/7 reported that people applying for a new SIM card must submit Emirates ID or passport as labour card or driving licence is no longer being accepted as per the new rules issued by the UAE's Telecom Regulatory Authority.

The new rules issued by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) were enforced on July 17 and affect new SIM cards or replacement of old cards by Etisalat or du.

Below is the link of government entities that take ID card as a proof of identity

Link: eida.gov.ae

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