We are waiting to bring mom home: Dubai Filipina Lorna’s daughter

Family awaits clearance from local authorities before proceeding to Philippines for funeral

The family of Filipina businesswoman Lorna Lim Varona are patiently waiting for the final clearance from the local authorities before heading to Philippines for the funeral service.

“It will take some time,” informed Lorna’s daughter Liza.

“We had visited the Sharjah Public Prosecution, and there’s some more paper work to be done. We have been asked to wait for their call, and that it could take time.”

Although the family has not had the time to plan a memorial service for Lorna, the Philippines community in Dubai is organising a eulogy mass on Saturday morning (11am) at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. “I don’t know if we’d be able to attend it. There’s a lot that needs to be sorted here,” added Liza.

With no date for a prayer service in place just yet, she invited Lorna’s friends to come to their home in Mirdif to offer their condolences.

Talking about the investigations, Liza is hopeful that a judgement will be passed soon. “I think they are about to pass a judgement. They might’ve sent him (the culprit) to the Sharjah Prosecution today.”

Lorna’s daughter, who also assisted her mother in her various business endeavours, claimed that they are yet to collect Lorna’s belongings that were left behind in her car.

“We still haven’t seen her bag or mobile phone. It is kept with the police as part of the investigation.”

The youngest of three siblings, Liza added that her older brother and sister are in Dubai, helping their dad sort out the paper work. One of her brothers, Luke, is back in Philippines.

“I haven’t seen him since we heard the news of mom. We’ve got family there but I wish I could see him and talk to him. If we finish everything we could head to Philippines.

“I miss him. We have to wait till we can bring mom home.”

 Lorna, who had gone missing on August 26, was found murdered in her abandoned Jaguar nearly a week later in Sharjah’s industrial area.

 She was reportedly killed by a close friend of hers over borrowed money.


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