We try to make baby 6 times in a day: Superdaad as he goes for 100

A file picture of Daad Murad with his family (SUPPLIED)

Sixty-five year old "most productive man on earth" is on a honeymoon with his new 19-year-old Baluchi Wife - as he goes for the 'century'.

UAE’s Superdaad, Daad Murad, recently married Nadia, from Turbat in Pakistan.

He revealed that he has sex with his teenage wife six times a day. The one-legged baby producing machine grabbed global media attention, after Emirates Today [earlier version of Emirates 24|7] featured him on our front pages.

Speaking to the website, Daad said the countdown to reach his ambitious target of 100 children is well on the way. The last baby girl born in the family is just nine months old, and the 94th child is expected by November/December 2012. 

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He hopes that by 2013, he would have 100 children, a world record and then he will stop marrying and fathering children. 

“The countdown has started with my 93rd baby.Fifteen of my children are already  married and have their children. The total family members now number 140. The seven lucky ones will be born this year or next year,” he said. 

A retired truck driver turned soldier could not recollect the names of his recent  children and promised to return with the correct details.

Six bedroom sessions

“My last marriage was to a Baluchi girl, who is just 19-years old. She is very  beautiful. "I enjoyed life with two other Baluchi wives. One is already retired and at 50 years,  she is busy bringing up her four children.

"Majida, another wife from Baluchistan, is currently enjoying the warmth of my love. At 25, she is also good, but I spend most of my time with Nadia now days because she is young, newly-married and there is no children to disturb us,” he said.

The six bedroom sessions with his 19 year-old wife stretch from early morning to  midnight. He said the best time that he prefers to be with his wife is early morning.

“I have a good time with Nadia, and I take her out to Al Dhaid, Muscat or Dibba and  there is no disturbance because she has no children yet. If I take my other wives  out, sometimes I need a bus to carry all the children and there will be lot of  disturbances,” he said.

"We spend a lot of time together because there is no disturbance from children. When I am with other wives, sometimes children start crying or making noise. Here I am getting 100 per cent attention on Nadia. She too enjoys it and I have reduced my visit to other two wives,” he added. 

Daad's diet

Daad takes a natural mix of honey and quail bird meat, dried in sunlight. "I don’t believe in taking any natural sex additives like Viagra and thanks to God, I have the stamina to satisfy all my wives.

“I go to three of my current wives, who are legally allowed under Shariah and I don’t  go to other wives, who are retired. Even if I feel like going back to one of them, I cannot do it because I strictly follow the Shariah rules.”

His third wife is an Emarati woman, Arifa, aged 30 years with six children. Daad  married her in 2003. “My youngster daughter, nine-month old Moza, is very cute and  when I take her to the emigration department or hospital, everybody adores her. She  is very cute and resembles me,” Daad said.

“Delivery is an expensive affair for other people, but for my wives, it is a free gift from the UAE Government. I have the Tandook Zawag, Marriage Home Book, which gives free access to the facilities in government hospitals and offices. I am getting two new houses from the Abu Dhabi Government and Nadia will be accommodated in one of these homes. I also got support from the Abu Dhabhi Government to waive off a loan of Dh600,000 from various banks and now I am free to spend more time with the family,”Daad said, adding that his plans to get married in Jaipur did not materialise.

Newborn infant thrown down garbage chute; mom arrested

Sharjah police found a new-born baby abandoned in a garbage skip of a residential tower.

The police arrested the mother who had tried to get rid of the baby after delivery on the ninth floor of the apartment building. It was found that the mother is a Filipina maid working for a family of nationals consisting of a husband, wife and a five-year-old child.

The maid had fled her original sponsor and was working for the new family illegally.

The watchman of the building in which the maid lived was surprised when he found a newborn baby in the garbage skip of the building’s residents at six o’clock on Tuesday morning and he immediately informed the police.

The police sent an ambulance patrol which found the baby wrapped in a plastic bag and was taken to Al Qasimi Hospital. There were only minor bruises on the body of the baby.

Crime investigators and forensics experts ruled out the possibility that someone from outside the building had left the baby in the garbage dump. Then they located the apartment in the building in which the baby was born and arrested the maid.

The maid admitted she was in an illicit relationship with a person who had left the country. She said she had felt labour pains at 4 o’clock in the morning, went to the bathroom where she delivered the baby and used a scissor to cut the umbilical cord. She then wrapped the baby in a piece of cloth and dropped the baby in the garbage chute on the ninth floor.

Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak, deputy commander of Sharjah Police, warned families against employing maids illegally, citing risks like the above incident.

Baby with 6 legs recovering well after major surgery

A baby born with six legs in Pakistan has undergone a successful surgery to remove four legs.

According to a report in The Examiner, the baby boy’s extra legs were removed by doctors after an eight hour surgery.

The boy had a conjoined twin that did not fully develop and hence the extra legs.

Doctors at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi performed the surgery.

Dr. Jamal Raza was quoted as saying, "It was strange that apparently an abnormal baby with six legs was as normal as other children."

Imran Shaikh, the boy's father, is grateful for the help his child received especially since the family does not have means for expensive treatments and surgeries.

The report states that the Sindh Governor made sure the child got the help he needed.

The baby's mother is still recovering form her c-section, and is doing well.

The boy is to named Umar Farooq.

A boy-with-no-face actually exists... here's how he looks

A boy with no face might sound like science fiction or the title of a movie, but such a boy really exists.

Meet Wang Xiaopeng who lost most of his facial features in an accidental fire two years ago All that has been left of the boy’s face is a mask of scared tissue.

His hands have also been burnt.

According to media reports, his parents spent all their savings and took out loans to pay for treatment, but cannot afford to pay for any further surgery.

The five-year old has been without hair, lips, eyelids, and toes since the accident in November 2010.

He caught fire after he set some corn stalks near his home in Yinchuan in China's Ningxia Province alight.

His parents rushed him to Ningxia Medical University General Hospital where he managed to pull through.

However, all that was left of his face can be seen here in the picture.

His father Wang Yougiu, 32, earns just 2,000 yuan (Dh1,500)  a month as a dairy farmer, while his mother Zhengwei Xiu, 30, is a housewife.

Xiaopeng's injuries make it difficult for him to see while all of his fingers have been amputated.

He does not go to school, as no schools will admit him, and he only has a few friends who have got used to his appearance.

The pictures which have been doing the rounds of the web world for a few days not have moved people to help.

The British charity Journalism Without Borders has launched an online campaign to raise funds and will make sure donations will go towards the youngster's medical bills. [Picture courtesy: (parentdish.com/Rex)]

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